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    Nice, that you want to know about us. Welcome to daily life of craziness & weirdness.

    Who we are

    Crazingo, as the name speaks craziness with a zing and a go attitude.

    We are energetic, loyal, Passionate but our creativity and dreams are bounded in some other company's cubicle. We are bunch of B.com graduates. (Yes B dot Com), you know B.com graduates knows the best mode of survival in the corporate jungle. We also participated in Escalation Mail game, Increment related gossips, bitching about manager (isko kuch nahi ata BC).

    Then we decided to come out of escalation mails chain, cubicle and create something that we love to do  -


    So, Our Mission is...

     Not to go to Mars, but to serve our customers with a Human touch. 

    Our Products

    We are re-creating craziness, celebration, Fun through Apparel • Phone Covers • Mugs 

    Want to Take us for a Beer or a Football Match or for a Chai with Biscuit?

     Drop us a Mail at care@crazingo.com